What we don’t do...and boy are you glad!

We Don’t Provide you a Dedicated Team

Other services show you smiling faces and promise you a dedicated team. That may sound good, but that is probably the reason you are looking for a new solution. Haven’t you already hired, oriented and relied on someONE before, then they left and took all their knowledge and experience with your business away when they left?

An online solution should solve that problem, not replicate it.

We provide you a process and a procedure so that knowledge is retained and applied.

We Don’t Use CPA’s to do Bookkeeping

You don’t need someone who has a CPA credential to do your bookkeeping. You need someone who understands your business and has a procedure to follow so that you get the information you want. How many times did your last ‘CPA’ get your books wrong because they didn’t understand your business? So then why would you pay for someone you don’t need to do a job that they were not trained to do?

We Don’t Do 'Cash Basis'

The lemonade stand you operated as a kid was a cash business. The business you operate today isn’t. If you have Accounts Receivable, Account Payable or Inventory, then you don’t have a cash business. Other service providers provide you an electronic check book, and guess what, with all the online systems now check books are easy to reconcile. Accrual accounting is the only way to really understand your business, so get off the Bench and into the game. If you want cash basis then check your bank balance, if you want to have comparative, informative financial statements use Atlas Bookkeeping.

We Don’t Offer you a ‘Free Month’

You don’t work for free, neither do we. You get what you pay for, do you really want nothing? If you are not happy, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.